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November, 2010

Greetings from Nanapam                                        

The first day of the rest of your life is upon you and what a better time to decide to change things about yourselves that you don’t like. What an opportune time to be visiting We are all about change, but what might make this time different for you is that you can make the changes permanent.

How many years have you made promises and committments that, for whatever reason you were unable to keep? For this article I went out on the internet to try to find statistics detailing how

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In this addition of I’d like to introduce you all to a member who has offered to let us tell his story. His name is David H and he lives in Arizona. David was one of the 3 members to win a free annual membership in December

David has purchased and is using one of our Custom Self Hypnosis scripts and he has recorded it in his own voice. We added music to the background for him and he is very pleased with his product.

David has given me permission to tell you that he is using his script to try to lose weight and also to help him get control of stress in his life. He’s tried many different diets including Weight Watchers (multiple times), LA Weight Loss, Nutri Systems plus others and has lost a lot of weight but always gains it back plus more. He declares that now he’s found Self Hypnosis he will never diet again. He is following the suggestions he’s giving himself while in trance and is only eating healthy. In the past 3 months he has lost 21 pounds.

David has a very stressful job and, in the past, the stress has caused some major problems in his life. Using his Custom Self Hypnosis Script he has also been working on how to deal with that stress and is again learning how to relax.

The Custom Self Hypnosis Script that David purchased is giving him the motivation to eat healthy every day and to deal with stressful situations appropriately. He no longer reacts to those situations by erupting in anger; instead, when he feels the pressure building he takes a deep breath, holds it in and contemplates what his reaction should be. That gives him time to choose the most appropriate healthy response.

When asked what advice he would give to someone else who wants to accomplish permanent change in their lives he highly recommends recording your own Custom Self Hypnosis Script in your own voice. He feels having it in his own voice has really made a difference. He also says that using the script everyday is very important. It gives him the reinforcement he needs to stay motivated and disciplined. If you’d like to offer David some encouragement you can leave him a message on our forum under weight loss. Click here to purchase a Custom Self Hypnosis Script

In future additions of this newsletter we will feature stories brought to us by our members. We won’t be able to share every story but we will share as much information as possible. Sometimes it will be about a member who has had some successes with a process or product that they want to share with our community. You can email your stories to us here at Check here next month, the story we use could be yours.
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many people make committments to change themselves and how many of them keep them over time. The numbers I found were all over the board and not consistent enough to report here but I did find some interesting themes.

Younger people are more likely to keep those comittments then older folks (50 years or older) because the more you try and fail the less likely you will be to want to try again. This clearly speaks to the issue of how hard it is to achieve permanent change.

Another theme I found was that people who do set goals and objectives for themselves are usually more successful. So, the message here is not to skip making resolutions for yourself, but to use a process that makes realizing those goals possible. At we believe that using self hypnosis, customized to your specific issues and recording it in your own voice is the most effective method possible.

During the month I read an article that said some self hypnosis websites try to convince their visitors that simply being  hypnotized once and receiving suggestions to overcome your issues is enough to accomplish whatever change they are looking for. At we believe that the change you are seeking takes more than one session and that it is necessary to commit to a series of self hypnosis sessions in order to truly change your brain and thought patterns. We recommend doing a session once a day for at least 6 days and then, to repeat this process each week for a month. It’s okay to take a day off occasionally but the effects seem to be much stronger when you have continuous days. So, don’t be surprised if you lapse a little on Mondays if you always take Sunday off.

It's time now to make your dream’s come true!

Regards, nanapam

Products or Processes has set up an affiliation with and has asked them to give you a discount when and if you purchase from them. Hypnosis Downloads is a website that has hundreds of scripts available today for you to purchase. I haven’t heard back from them yet but will send out an email message when I get their reply. An alternative for you would be for you to purchase a custom script from us so all of your specific issues are covered. You can order from our on-line store by clicking here.

If you know of any other vendors you’d like us to contact for discounts please just email your suggestions to and we’ll look into it.

Book Review

In case you don’t know by now, is giving away a free ebook to anyone who contacts us and gives us their email address. The book is “A Practical Guide to Self Hypnosis”, by Melvin Powers.

Even though the book was written almost 50 years ago it still is a perfectly wonderful book that really does a good job of giving you all the information you need about Self Hypnosis. It is written in simple layman’s terms and offers a step by step guide to learning how to hypnotize yourself. It explains all the steps and helps you realize how you remain in control. It also gives details about how Self Hypnosis works and why it's perfectly safe. I highly recommend it to anyone who is new to self hypnosis.

To get the book in .txt format go to our Contact Us page, send us an email and you will be sent a link to download the ebook. If you prefer the book in audio format here is a link to where you can set up an RSS feed to get your itunes file one chapter at a time or, you can download each chapter as an mp3 file.

You can submit reviews of books you have read or suggest books for us to read. They can be hypnosis related or any other topic you choose. Email your suggestions to 



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