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This page is where we will list the resources we have used to learn about hypnosis and self hypnosis. We haven't listed everything we've read, but this should give you enough information to get you started. We encourage you to learn, as we have, theSelf Hypnois and custom scripts can be used to help you achieve permanent change in your life. power behind this process. Some people have problems significant enough to require clinical therapy. We are not qualified for that here. This website is really for people who feel they would benefit from trying to help themselves. We feel you shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars having someone else hypnotise you when you can do it yourself. Good Luck! 


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Information about hypnosis:

Here is the wikipedia article on hypnosis and self hypnosis. If you follow the articles you should be able to get as much information as you need:

This article is very long but has some very interesting information on what hypnosis is and how hypnotizability is measured:

Here is a wikihow link on how to administer self hypnosis:

In this article, Dr Dorothy Neddermeyer, states that:
American Health Magazine reported the following statistics from a recent study.
• Psychoanalysis - 38% recovery after 600 sessions
• Behavior Therapy - 72% recovery after 22 sessions
• Hypnotherapy - 93% recovery after 6 sessions

Free hypnosis scripts:

Here are some free scripts in mp3 format you can download.

These scripts are written out and you can print the page. Most of them don't include induction, deepening or awakening so you will have to add that.

Other sites of interest:

This is a resource directory for health and wellness issues. You can find resources and other useful links for almost any condition listed here.

This is a wonderful site for self improvement. You will find articles, experts and other resources here. We highly recommend it:

At we are all about changing your brain. Research shows a good way to do that is to stimulate your brain. Reclaim Your brain: Improve memory with Lumosity Games.

Change your brain with our custom self hypnosis scripts; nourish your brain with the many natural products at Sunfood Nutrition

The desired state of self hypnosis is best achieved in a relaxing environment. Find the things you need for that environment at SerenityHealth. CLICK HERE for stunning functional relaxation and stress relief products at discount prices.

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Can we really change the physiology of our brains?

This short video is from a PBS special and includes some commentary by author Sharon Begley who's book is listed below.

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If you want information on how our mind can change our brain this book is a must read:
"Train Your Mind; Change Your Brain", by Sharon Begley Purchase from

This was the first book I read on hypnosis and it was given to me by a friend:
"How to Hypnotize Yourself and Others", by Rachael Copelan Purchase from

Lots of good self hypnosis scripts in this book:
"Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open", by Forbes Robbins Blair Purchase from

Good instruction on using your own voice:
"Self-Change Hypnosis", by Richard MacKenzie Purchase from

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