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Custom Self Hypnosis Scripts, in your own voice, can help achieve permanent change in your life.

Hypnosis works by altering your brain wave state. The trance you achieve puts your brain in a state where it can very easily learn new things. It is completely harmless to you and there are no negative side effects at all. You are always in complete control and you can wake up any time you choose.

Hypnosis can be a very effective tool. Self hypnosis can be just as effective but we believe that self hypnosis in your own voice can be the most valuable of all. After all, most people think in their own voice. If you want to re-wire your brain to remove the unacceptable thoughts and replace them with new healthy appropriate thoughts wouldn’t it be an easier, faster transition if you listened to the suggestions in your own voice?

Trust is an important aspect of hypnosis and who can you trust more than yourself. We will help you create your own customized script but the content will be all yours. You won’t have to worry about Change your mind, change yourself using custom self hypnosis scripts from Nanapam.comanything subliminal being added in the back and you won’t have to worry about someone’s accent distracting you. We will provide you with an example script but you have the freedom to change it or not as you see fit.

There are many, many websites which offer information about hypnosis, scripts and training. If you check out our Resources page you will find links to many of them. It is not our intention to duplicate those sites but to offer you something the others don’t have. 

Our process involves helping you create a script in your own voice that is customized to you and your very own issues. We identify your specific issues during the online store process where we direct you to a questionaire which has 3 simple questions for you to answer. From the questionaire we create a PDF of the custom script and send it to you in an email. We help guide you in recording it in your own voice and, if you choose, we also help you add peaceful, relaxing background music to it so it becomes a highly effective tool for you to use.

Now, we understand that the idea of making a recording may be daunting to some people So for them we are offering MP3 or CDs downloads of either some common issues (weight loss, smoking cessation, overcoming procrastination), or hypnosis scripts recorded by us that are customized to your specific issues. We have the ability to tailor the hypnosis script to your specific needs and we will work with you on making whatever format you choose special for you.

If you choose to have the script be in your own voice you will need access to a method for recording your voice. If your operating system is Microsoft Vista there is a recording program in the Accessories Folder in the All Programs area on your computer. Otherwise, you will have to discover whether or not your computer has another recording program. If you don’t have one, we have provided a link to a free Audio Recording and Editing program called Audacity: You will also need a microphone of some sort. Your computer may have one built in or they can be purchased inexpensively through Radio Shack, or any other store that sells electronics.

Recording a self hypnosis script is easy. You just have to remember to speak slowly and softly during the induction and deepening stages because the idea is to help yourself relax completely. When you get to the suggestion stage we have used bold text to indicate which words you should use emphasis on. If you make a mistake in the middle of the recording, don’t worry about it, just start over. It might take you a couple of attempts but getting it in your own voice is worth it. It won’t matter what format you save the file in, we should be able to convert it, if necessary, after it gets to us. We will send these and other instructions to you as soon as we get your questionaire.

We also encourage you to become a member at and to share your experiences with us. Nanapam will be using this opportunity to share her weight loss experiences with you and she hopes you will share your stories for others to read. We can all learn from each other by building a community of friends.

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